SAM, Inc. assists with the development of standard financial management practices, cost estimating, program plans and tracking commitments, obligations and invoices for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We also assist with the US Coast Guard with project management support services and technical support services for a wide-range of acquisition projects by the Acquisitions Directorate of the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. 

System engineering/ Weapons integration

SAM, Inc. provides engineer supporting to direct & time sensitive strike programs and unmanned aviation & strike weapons unmanned aviation, and systems engineering and systems integration where we have program, financial, analytical, technical, and administrative management support services, risk assessment/mitigation and involved IPTs by evaluating current and future technologies and provide recommendations for new system alternatives. For AEGIS system engineering, SAM, Inc. supports installation and test of Advanced Development Model (ADM) and Engineering Development Model (EDM) equipment and computer programs at CSEDS and other local sites. SAM, Inc. has extension experience with weapons system integration. We provide technical and program management support services as required in support of the weapons system integration for the Aircraft/Target/Weapon support equipment branch for Lakehurst- technical and program management support. Our navy customers (NAVAIR and NAVSEA) also support PEO(T) weapons systems integration (WSI). 

SAM, Inc. has assisted the International Security Administrative Office (ISAO) in managing NAVSEA Security Assistance programs and assigned FMS cases. SAM, Inc. also helps with the support to enhance the capability to the NAVAIR METCAL FMS program through improved timeliness.

In addition, SAM, Inc. works with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS OCFO OFO, DHS NPD) to provide budget and financial management support. 
SAM, Inc. provides enterprise pre-assessments and data collection, analysis, and metrics development for Fleet Readiness Enterprise (FRE). In addition to FRE, SAM, Inc. also works with PEO IWS 3.0 Standard Missile Integration where we provide flight test plan reviews, flight test adaptation validations for specific test scenarios, design concurrence with missile 6-DOF simulations. 

SAM, Inc. provides engineering technical, test and logistics services for Surface Aircraft Interoperability Laboratory Support (SAIL). We also integrate battle-space simulation and test (IBST) department, integrated combat environments (ICE) and Divison, Surface/Aviation Interoperability Laboratory (SAIL) branch.